ARM RIG / AutoRig

At the final stages of Sweesters Season 2 I was working on rigs for future projects. I was told to focus the rigs on cartoon style, but in EddaDesign we used to work with motion capture, so the rigs must have the posibility to work with mocap data and animator's fingers.

The new characters were not fully designed yet, so I decided to write my own little AutoRig system in order to quickly Rig diferent character proposals and let the animators test cartoon features.

When I started writing the script for the arm, I wanted to reuse the same cartoon arm controls for the legs. For that reason I considered arm and leg as a limb, and both had the same setup and properties.


In this video I show the features of the "Limb", but as an arm:

For now, my autorig system cannot build an entire character in a single click. For debugging purpouses it's divided in parts (Limbs, Spine, Foot and Fingers) and every part is generated separately. When the parts are generated, it's easy to buid the complete rig with most of the hard work done by the script. As said earlier, the hole system is still being tested by animators with diferent types of characters, so for now I'm focusing my efforts on improving the features and adding tools for the animators instead of building a complete autorig solution.

Spine and fingers